Big enough to be taken seriously, small enough to still know you by name

With 200+ contractors currently placed in not only Canberra, but six Australian states and territories, we are a force to be reckoned with.  However, we know that the real key to success is building long term relationships with our contractors and government clients.  Our small team is highly stable meaning that you will always talk to the same people.  We have a vested interest in our reputation and offer a high level of personalised service that is often missing in today’s market.

Industry insight and expertise

We have been operating in Canberra since 2002 and have expanded to 5 other states. We have gained great expertise in what we do. We also have staff who have worked as IT contractors themselves. We believe that this gives us special insight into what people really want from a recruitment agency.  We use this knowledge as a basis for everything we do.


We pride ourselves on our agility and flexibility.  We are not just a 9-5 Monday – Friday business. Part of our service is that we work extended and after standard business hours, where necessary, to get the job done.

Super fast payment processing

We process payments every working day of the week, not just one day a month or fortnight. 


We simply love what we do. There is nothing more exciting and satisfying than finding people jobs.  Unlike some other agencies, our interest doesn’t stop there – we understand each client’s unique ongoing requirements and support our contractors every step of the way helping them to navigate all the necessary processes, from onboarding with clients to timesheets, payments and contract renewal negotiations.

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