Excellent track record

With 21 years of experience in the ICT contract recruitment industry, we have the track record, skills, commitment, networks and business processes to meet the rigorous demands of supplying ICT contractor personnel to government clients. Agility, responsiveness and low costs do not need to come at the expense of quality.  Our workforce management skills and experience as a long-term supplier to the Commonwealth enable us to provide both a personal, flexible and supportive service to our contractors and a stable and committed workforce for our clients.

Low margins are a Win-Win for contractors and government clients

Because we operate at low margins, we can supply contractors to clients at very competitive rates while at the same time attracting highly qualified contractors because their take home pay is higher.  Our value for money proposition and contractor-centric approach to servicing our contractors means that they tend to have long term settled relationships with the company. This has great benefit to government clients bringing workforce stability to complex projects with tight deadlines. 


We know that transparency in the ICT contract recruitment industry is often sadly lacking.  We offer full disclosure of our margins and will include our fee structure in our submissions where possible.  We also guarantee to administer and negotiate contracts and renewals with openness and integrity.

Access to large database of candidates

In 21 years of operation, we have developed an extensive database of candidates which we use to identify suitable resources in response to clients’ requirements.  We also advertise opportunities on our website with an accompanying email subscription service. Additionally potential candidates are contacted via social media and sms, WhatsApp as well as by telephone.  Our reputation and network are such that those currently in contact with us frequently refer colleagues thereby multiplying our reach.  These strategies allow us rapidly and consistently provide a stream of high quality and high value for money candidates.

Direct sourcing of candidates

Being a value for money agency with an excellent reputation, we are also a great choice for government clients wishing to pursue direct source arrangements.

If you would like more information, please call us on 02 6292 4462 or send us an email.