Background and Scope

Encore IT Services Pty Ltd (Encore IT) is a Small to Medium (SME) labour hire entity which provides Information Technology and Communication (ICT) Labour Hire Workers to government clients (Clients). Encore IT also engages a small head office team of approximately 6 casual workers (Employees) who are involved in:

  • Advertising open contract job opportunities, identifying and presenting Labour Hire Candidates to Clients;
  • Negotiating contracts for successful Labour Hire Candidates;   
  • Finance activities such as Accounts Payable and Receivable;
  • Compliance activities;
  • Advertising, identification and selection of Head Office Candidates when required.

This policy sets out the procedures and practices that are used by Encore IT to guide its background check and pre-engagement screening practices for all Candidates.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The protection of Candidates’ privacy is of utmost important to Encore IT. The procedures and practices outlined in this policy will be followed according to the obligations imposed on Encore IT by applicable privacy laws (for example, the Privacy Act 1988).

It is an integral part of Encore IT’s screening practices and procedures that no personal information of any Candidate will be obtained, used or disclosed without having first obtained the informed consent of the relevant individual, and that appropriate steps are taken to safeguard the security of that personal information.

Encore IT will take reasonable steps to disclose its intention to conduct background screening at all applicable steps of the recruitment and/or rescreening process.

Any information obtained from a background investigation will be used to make engagement decisions only, as permitted by federal and/or state law, and in accordance with Encore IT’s Work Gender Equity and Diversity Policy. On commencing employment with Encore IT, all Personnel may be subject to rescreening throughout their employment.

Encore IT’s Responsibilities

Encore IT’s senior staff are responsible for implementing this policy in a consistent and fair manner and for ensuring that all Candidates have access to this policy prior to finalising an application. This policy will be available on Encore IT’s website.

Ultimate responsibility for ensuring that this policy is adopted and enforced in a way that ensures Encore IT provides appropriate, consistent and effective screening for all Candidates lies with Encore IT’s Managing Director.

On a day-to-day basis, Labour Hire Candidates will be provided with information on how to access this policy by Encore IT’s Senior Recruitment Specialist when completing an Authority to Represent form as part of their application.  The Managing Director is responsible for implementing and distributing a copy of this policy to Candidates for head office positions.

Candidates’ Responsibilities

Candidates warrant that any information provided during the application process is a true and accurate reflection of their current and previous employment history.  Encore IT will immediately advise the Client of any Candidates who have been found to be falsifying information and request that their application be withdrawn from the application process.  Encore IT will decline to represent any such Candidate for future opportunities.

Personnel Selection process

Encore IT recognises that merit-based selection processes are crucial to ensure that Encore IT prospers by submitting the right people for the right roles as required by Clients.  Encore IT also adheres to these same principles when engaging Employees for head office positions. Encore IT is committed to ensuring that its merit-based selection processes are not undermined by false or incomplete information.

Encore IT is frequently limited in the number of Candidates it is able to represent for any one particular labour hire opportunity.  Candidates are shortlisted based on suitability against the selection criteria and are then offered the opportunity to proceed with an application.

Procedure for labour hire application submission

A key component of Encore IT’s response to an open labour hire opportunity is a request for Candidates to complete an Authority to Request (ATR) form.  Candidates are requested to provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Address and phone number
  • Linkedin details (if applicable)
  • Residency status
  • AGSVA security clearance, number and expiry date (if applicable)
  • Names of two referees (must be current or previous supervisors)
  • Any conflicts of interest
  • Written responses to selection criteria (where required)

On the ATR form Candidates are requested to give their consent for Encore IT to conduct any background checks as it sees fit to verify the Candidate’s claims. Prior to application submission, Encore IT’s Senior Recruitment Specialist must be satisfied with the results of background screening checks which may include:

  • Verification of identity
  • Examining resume and/or selection criteria responses for inconsistencies
  • Discussing any aspect of the Candidate’s CV including any reasons for gaps in employment
  • Requesting evidence of qualifications
  • Contacting one or more referees, whether they be named referees or other individuals who Encore believes would have pertinent information regarding the Candidate.

Procedure for Pre-engagement screening

Screening is an important aspect of how Encore IT manages its employment risks. Full screening is conducted when a candidate is offered a role with a Client. Typically, full screening is conducted in coordination with the Client as each Client tends to have its own unique process.

Full screening process may involve obtaining:

  • a police check
  • 100 points of identification
  • Confirmation of, or re-activation of, AGSVA clearance
  • Documentation for Employment Suitability Checks (in addition to AGSVA clearances)

Assessing risk levels within Encore IT

Encore IT operates within the fast-paced ICT Labour Hire Recruitment environment. To prosper within that industry, Encore IT requires its brand to reflect the values of honesty, transparency and superior service by providing Clients with quality Candidates with integrity. At the same time, however, Encore IT is often required to respond very quickly to open job opportunities, which makes it difficult to conduct a full check prior to submitting Candidates for Labour Hire Positions. Once a Candidate has been shortlisted or found successful, Encore IT is able to participate in a detailed screening process in line with each Client’s requirements.    

Given this scenario, Encore IT believes that this risk of Encore IT’s Clients engaging a Candidate who misrepresents their skills or has been engaged in some other fraudulent activity is low.