You don’t have to go with the first agency that rings.  Despite what they may tell you, many agencies have access to the same roles.  Many also have restraint clauses so signing up to an agency can be a big commitment.  It pays to shop around and ask questions.  If an agency refuses to disclose its margins, then it is often a case of buyer beware.  

Hefty margins are bad for you and bad for the client.  Your take-home pay may be less than it could be and the client could be paying more for your services than they should.  Encore is all about creating a win-win situation for you and the client.  We are so confident of our level of service and the competitiveness of our margins that we don’t have any sort of restriction or restraint of trade clauses. The bottom line is that our contractors stay with us because they want to.

Job Applicant being interviewed